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St.Lukes School West Ferry Rd – demolition 1971

This photo is taken from my Cine Film, not sure if i filmed it in 1971 or 2. Halfway through filming i took a walk up the old concrete staircase round the side and went into the 1st Floor Hall. Lots of rubble laying around, saw the long row of coathooks along the wall. At the far corner of the hall were two doors, each led to a classroom which when i went there was Miss Hyde’s in the West Wing and Miss Connolly’s in the North Wing. I met a demolition worker in there who said it was ok to look around. I didn’t go any further, the Cine Camera wouldn’t have coped with the low light anyway. A foundation stone shown missing from the playground wall in the film has shown up some 30 years later and is now set in the wall of the Clifton Restaurant which is built on or very near the site. For the aerial shot (see other photo)i went up the top of Topmast Point flats, there wasn’t access to a balcony so i stood on a ledge and filmed through a slit in a louvre panel.

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