Welcome to Old Millwall, the home of some of the oldest and most memorable photographs of the Isle of Dogs and Docklands.

Updated by Peter Wright

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Con Maloney says:

    Love the site Peter. Look forward to seeing more of your amazing photographs of our belovesd Millwall.

  2. Gerard Gilbertson says:

    Great photographs, thanks! My paternal grandfather was Mayor of Poplar 1938-39, and lived opposite St Luke’s at 46 Havannah – just round the corner from your house in Alpha Road! Your photo of derelict site at corner of CubaStreet/Tobago Street is where my maternal grandparents lived (no 3 Cuba Street) from 1914-1939. Would like to hear from you.

    • Peter says:

      Hi Gerard, always nice to hear some info on the IOD’s. I remember those bay windowed houses in Havannah St, my uncle lived at no. 50 in the 50’s and 60’s…..Pete

  3. Gerard Gilbertson says:

    Thank you, Pete, for reply. Your uncle must have known my grandmother (widow of ex-Mayor) who continued to live just a couple of houses away at no. 46 until 1964. I don’t remember the bay windows, just that those last few houses stood back a bit more from the pavement. Gerard

  4. George Rollinson says:

    Interesting site. My Grandparents moved into Hammond House in 1939. Must have been a palace after living eleven of them in two rooms in Poplar! Being evacuated during the war they returned and it’s amazing they were still in one piece in 1945. Once many of the kids married and moved out they were moved to Cressel House and later into a cottage at the West Ferry Road end of what became Tiller Road. I lived in Dunbar House, number 13, until I was six and the family grew out of it and were moved to a three bedroom house in Poplar. I now live in the Northeast but still end up on the Island when I visit my tribe.

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